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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and that's how fox reports on this sunday, september 30th, 2012, i'm harris falkner. so glad you were here. thanks for watching, have a fabulous week. and give me six seconds. >> tonight on huckabee, as mitt romney prepares to debate president obama in the presidential debate, and give advice on what undecided voters want to hear. and tough questions for the republican challenger. and for the president, is the mainstream media tipping the scales toward the left? pat buchanan speaks out. plus, corruption, crime, chaos, documentary phil make -- film maker says it's business as usual at the united nations. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause]
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>> hello, everybody, thank you. great group of folks we have here and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. all right, last week on this show, i told you that your government had lied to you about the attacks in egypt and libya when they claimed they were just acts of a spontaneous mob in reaction it a youtube video. i said then and i repeat now, i normally would not have used such strong language and made such a bold declaration, but the continuing revelations confirmed that my statement was not an exaggeration. our government had lied to us, and they did it knowingly. our ambassador to libya isn't dead because of some little film. he's dead because we failed to heed the warnings at that an attack was imminent. it took the administration two weeks what the mesh--
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america knew, libya knew it, the white house knew it, ours wasn't honest with us and continued to continue the official story about it, this was all about a film that insulted muhammad. and the real question, why would the administration embarrass itself by hoisting such a whopper on us? and then thinking we wouldn't find out the truth? why wouldn't they hold a memorial for the slain ambassador and not respect that his was not an accidental death from an overheated mob, but was the work of evil and vicious cold-blooded islamic jihadists, because he wants us to believe that the death of osama bin laden was the death of terrorism and al-qaeda? for the same reason that to this day the fort hood shooter has never been acknowledged as a terrorist, despite the fact that he screamed a muslim slogan before killing people at fort hood and was it the same reason that to this day,
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the administration refuses to address the assassination of a soldier, and declared he carried ott the shooting as an act of jihad and the shooter's own father on this very show stated that his son had abandoned his christian faith, become a muslim, went to yemen and radicalized and came back extremely to kill people for islamic. and why the coverup, we're not longer going to make an excuse for jihadist, they're not the same as us. not all muslims want to kill us, don't hate us, and certainly not all of them are a threat, but there are those who use their religion as the basis for their hate and savagery. i'd say no more lies, no more apologies, no more coverups.
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retched nixon lied because of coverups and bill clinton i am protested because of lies and coverups, where is the accountability in this administration, own up to the fact that we are at war with an evil force never be molified or satisfied until we're all dead. this is not about political offices or expanded geopolitical orders, this is about the survival of our civilization, if this administration can't or won't lead in the battle then step aside and let someone do it who won't lie to us and endanger our children. [applause] well, on friday, the office of the director of national intelligence issued a statement, attempting to put the matter to rest, going to washington is the chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. why this document dump on a friday afternoon? >> well, you know, governor, as well as everyone else when you've got bad news, the place you put it is late on friday,
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what we had with the statement from director of national intelligence, a person who is a top intelligence officer in the united states government and i have the statement right here. and what i believe it does, seems to give them a coverup for the initial comments and conclude that what we saw in libya was in fact terrorism. the problem here, what you see is that the administration's assessments of libya went way beyond what's in that document, specifically the statements of ambassador susan rice who spun the story this was an administration that was hijacked by extremists and then they launched the assault. and i think we're going to look back on this period and see the original enterprise reporting by fox news channel as really changing the dialog publicly, about this attack. we reported a day after the assault, based on an interview out of the house intelligence committee, that this was a pre-meditated commando steel attack and along with my producer pamela brown on the
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17th day after ambassador rice's comments, there were know he demonstrations at the consulate when it happened and bret baier was the first to say a guantanamo bay detainee with the attacks. you made a good point. three terrorist attacks on the obama administration's watch and failed this to call them as such or delayed in their branding them as such and in fort hood i've done an extensive investigation, how can the defense department brand that or dealing with it as work place violence. it's just dishonest if i could take my reporters hat off. >> mike: i don't know how you could have your reports hat on and not state the obvious. what some of us are satisfying. and obvious to everyone. quickly, i want-- don't want to run out of time, but i have to ask you about new information on some of the security flaws that were apparently in the consulate in
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benghazi. you've uncovered some of those security flaws, tell us what those were. >> thank you, i spoke yesterday with someone who was called a regional security officers, the person in charge of the security in that country, and the state department personnel and someone who worked extensive will in the middle east. says catherine look at the pictures of the consulate in benghazi, a location classified as high risk of a terrorist attack or high risk of civil unrest, from that classification, very specific physical security standards followed by the state department. ocean, when you look at the pictures, you may see grating on the windows. grating is only acceptable for a residents, never for the chance chancery where the official business is done. they're reinforced the same with the doors, standard for how high the walls are, three
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meters with a one foot setback, these standards were not met in benghazi, that means that someone here in washington at the state department at a very senior level had to sign a waiver, allowing the government personnel to do business at that location and this is significant because that means we had to have the secretary of state, the head of diplomatic security or the individual in charge of the building operations saying we understand this site did not meet our specified standards, but we are waiving that and accepting a high risk in order to do business there, governor. >> mike: catherine, that's compelling information, nobody else has brought that. thank you for that insight. [applause]. >> . >> mike: reporting from washington. and this coming wednesday, president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are going to be facing off for their first presidential debate.
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to undecided voters, stale might have substance. what does mitt romney need to say in wednesday's debate to get an edge with some of the other sided voters. political debate o'donnell is my guest and prepared john mccain for hess debate with president obama four years ago and welcome to the show, good to have you here. [applause] >> what would you say mitt romney has to do more than anything else in order to go into that debate and come out the winner? >> at the top of the list has to be governor romney has to tie the poor economic conditions we find ourselves in right now to the failure of the president's policies. he's got to be able to litigate the case, make the case that the policies the president has put forward have caused the economy to continue to go down. because folks believe the
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economy's bad right now, but what they don't actually believe is that it's the president's fault. he is got to make that case in the debate with the president standing on the stage with him, that the president is the one to blame for the economy that we've got right now. >> mike: there's a little bit of delicacy going on. if he acts too much on the attack, it will look like he's showing disrespect to the president. if he doesn't go after him like you've said he'll look deferential. coach me as if i was mitt romney, the office without being deferential. >> i think it's a matter of tone and how you address the president. he think as long as governor romney addresses the president as mr. president, with all due respect, your policies have failed the american people, i think that as long as he carries a respectful tone, he
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needs to be what i would say is passionately aggressive. meaning that he's respectful to the president, but yet, passionate about making the case, the president's policies which have failed americans and cause the economy to be worse than it was when he took office. >> mike: i may be the only television host who has actually debated mitt romney. so, we're going to talk about what i've noticed in his debate style when we win with bret o'donnell after the break. and later jost mier will talk to us about the power of words, joyce meyer. click on the fox news feedback section or sign up for my facebook page and follow me on twitter. find the link to that and more mike [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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debating with governor romney some four years ago, it appeared to me that there were teams on the debate stage he was almost telegraphing some of his emotions and feelings, body language and facial expressions, that's an important thing that i think that people watch for, are you pushing his buttons and going to through to him. i don't know that i've noticed it as much in this year's primaries. how important is it that mitt romney get under the skin of barack obama or that barack obama get under the skin of mitt romney, and that it can show to the audience? >> well, you know, audiences report that they take as much as 65% of the meaning from how something is said over what it said. so, body language and how he appears on the stage is very important and you know, normally when a candidate against defensive. that he is when they start looking bad and that happens with barack obama. it happened when he told hillary that she was likeable enough.
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he got defensive and he didn't look very good. and et cetera happened sometimes with governor romney, when he did the $10,000 bet with governor perry. so, it's very important that governor romney stay on offense, keep making the case about the economy and keep pushing an alternative vision that the american people can see as a better path and a better way forward to improving the economic conditions. if he does that, he'll put the president on the defensive. if he allows the president to sort of, you know, divide the audience and talk about women and the myth of the war on women and talk about the middle class, to divide the country and get on the defensive or talk about issues irrelevant to the economy, that's a place where governor romney can start to look defensive and may not look as good for the audience. >> mike: is it possible to be too prepared, where the candidates comes out and almost reading the cards imprinted on the back of his
5:17 pm
ahead. how do you go out there and relax and have a good time? >> well, debate preparation is about three things. making sure the candidate knows what they need to know for the debate. it's about preparing to execute a strategy under the debate, but making sure that they are confident, that you, know, it's like coaching a sports team, you want to make sure they're' psychologically ready and don't want them overscripted. what happened to ronald reagan in the debate with walter mondale. he had been wounded with information and overran the persona. the next debate he was much more relaxed and roger ailes, the leader of your network did a great job preparing him and he did a much better job. the same rings true with governor romney. he has to know what he needs
5:18 pm
to do to abe the questions and he has to be relaxed and rely on himself. i tell candidates that it's very important that they have the good political judgment, good political instincts to make good decisions rather than relying on a script. >> quickly, bret, gef me one thing we ought to look for out of mitt romney and out of obama in this debate coming up on wednesday. >> you know, i think apart from the economy, i think that the one thing we should be looking for is to see if the president is willing to talk about his record on the economy and defend it. now, the american people ought to be making a judgment about whether or not the president can defend that record. we ought to be looking for from governor romney how well he prosecutors the case against the president and it's been his failure to lead on the economy that's led us into the spot we're in right now. i think that's the most important part of the he
5:19 pm
entire debate and the debate this wednesday will focus on the economy and domestic issues, and that's what we ought to be looking for. is the president responsible to the policies that have gotten us to the place-- . the american people decided he is, the race will turn into governor romney's direction. >> mike: thank you so much. good to have you here. now, do you ever feel that watching the evening news is kind of like being stuck in a cheering section of the obama reelection team? pat buchanan on the media's not so hidden bias for the president. coming up next. [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp. try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp for just $14.99! my name is gela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. >>. [ applause ] (applause) >> i want to show you how the cbs evening news started their show friday night. now, keep in mind, this is just hours after the office of
5:23 pm
the director of national intelligence gave their reassessment of the attack in benghazi. >> good evening, mitt romney has 39 days to turn his presidential campaign into a winner, but the support of a key voting group is in jeopardy. >> mike: what? we're talking about why mitt romney is behind? you've got one of the biggest stories going on in this country's last four years of history. you're ignoring that and talking about what does mitt romney have to do in 39 days. joining me now is syndicated columnist and former presidential candidate pat buchanan, good to have you here today. [applause]. pat, i want to talk you back, because were you part of the nixon administration and saw what happened to richard nixon when watergate was going on. there were coverups, there was misstatements, you know, lies that came out then. that cost him his presidency and in many ways, the respectful place in history.
5:24 pm
bill clinton got impeached because he lied about the things to a grand jury and covered them out and trotted his own members of miss his cabinet to defend him. and is there something going on here and if so, why? >> i think there's no doubt why. let me talk about the situation getting a little feedback in the ear piece, but talk about the situation back there with richard nixon in 1969. you know, when at that break-in occurred in 1972, what was richard nixon accused of? he was accused of not telling the truth about when he learned about when his campaign broke in and put a bug on the phone of the democr democratic national chairman, that's the issue over withhich e was i am preached and what happened now, the truth about the murder of an ambassador.
5:25 pm
and take a look at the story yesterday morning, we couldn't get the fbi agents into benghazi. so, i think you've got here, a horrendous scandal and a coverup that's unfolding right now. >> mike: well, it's inexplicable to me, pat, in in case as i said yesterday, in watergate, it was a scandal, but nobody died. we've got a dead ambassador and three other brave americans who lost their lives and he think the american people deserve an answer. but yet, we're talking about why mitt romney's campaign is struggling, whether it is or isn't, and it seems like, and i want you to respond to this, is there, in your mind, an unprecedented level of attempt of the media to influence this election for barack obama? >> i've never seen a media more biased in any political campaign in my life and it's out of the closet. mike, i worked over at the network, msnbc where i discovered fairly late, i guess, maybe there wasn't all
5:26 pm
that many conservatives over there. but what is going on now (laughter) >> not too many. >> fairly lonely there for a while. but what is going on is that people are coming right out of the blue and all out supporting barack obama. these are almost the first responders to the obama campaign, but this libya situation is much more important. look where this happened, mike, four days after that event in libya, the press secretary is sent out to say this was a spontaneous event out of a sort of a riot. two days after that, six days after the event. susan rice is programed to go out and say this was a spontaneous event, not premeditated, not pre-planned. those were utter, total falsehoods, now, i don't say they were lying, but somebody briefed them and told them to say this, when the intelligence agency found out 24 hours later and fox news
5:27 pm
reported 24 hours after the event that this was a pre-planned terrorist attack. now, who programed carney? who programmed susan rice, she's only got one superior, secretary of state. carney has three superiors, chief of staff, head of the nfc and the president of the united states. my belief here is that you have a-- something of and conspiracy to get by the election and make sure no one says there's been tres attacks on barack obama's, during his tenure, that's what this is all about and what gets me is, even two and a half weeks after that the top intelligence community comes out and says, oh, yeah, this was a pre-planned terrorist attack, we sent 60 or 80 billion dollars to these folks, are you telling me they just learned this? . so, and what is-- where it gets to the media. in the media back in the nixon days would have been all over this from day one, following it up, following it up. but these folks, many of them,
5:28 pm
not all of them and not all of them on the left, some on the left have done good work, they are in the tank for barack obama. culturally, socially, political, ideologically, they're part of the same community. as someone mentioned the white house correspondent's dinner these days is like a justin bieber rally. >> you know, pat, your clarity is refreshing and i thank you so very much. 'cause, seriously, there are not many people. msnbc lost one of the few rational voices they had over there and i'm sorry they lost you, but i'm glad you're able to be with us now and talk to me. thank you so much for joining us today. pat buchanan. [applause]. >> thank you. >> mike: up next, my reaction to mammoud ahmadnejad's madness and notable quotes of the week. stay with us.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner. a member of the senate foreign relations committee wants answers in the wake of the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. and describing the obama administration's response to the attack as bizarre, in a letter to the director of national intelligence corker says he wants to know why the fbi still has not been able to get to the crime scene in benghazi to investigate. in afghanistan, an american soldier and a civilian worker killed in another green on blue attack. a gunman opening fire on our troops and it happened at a check point at a joint u.s. afghan base and one of the eastern provinces, and two afghan soldiers killed and the number of u.s. soldiers who died in the 11 year war with the attack now reaching 2000. i'm harris falkner, now, let's get you back to huckabee. . >> if you'd like to comment on
5:33 pm
tonight's show, >> and dozens around manhattan would address the united nations general assembly. predictbly mahmoud ahmadinejad made the outrageous statements of them all. one of the things he said in the press interview prior to the speech. god willing a new world order will come and we'll do away with everything. this distances us. and now elementary school kids throughout the world understood that the united states government is following an international policy of bullying, i believe the system of empires has reached the end of the road. >> i like to call him mammoud am-nut job. this is a person who says the holocaust didn't happen and publicly says he wants to wipe israel off the map. now, if those statements are made by even a film maker or a
5:34 pm
columnist, you'd think that that's pretty outrageous. to be made by a head of state? this is beyond the level of outrageous, then is becomes a provocation, a provocation and a declaration of intention of war. if you wonder why so many of us hold in contempt the united nations, it's because they would allow some absolute loon like ahmadinejad to be given a platform at that location. why on god's earth do we continue to spend upward of 10 billion dollars to support a forum to give a microphone to somebody who comes and insults the intelligence and the senseabilities and the civility of all decent nations on earth, by openly satisfying he actually wants to destroy another country. well, israel's prime minister netanyahu knows what iran's diabolical leader's intentions are about and a warning for the rest of the world when he
5:35 pm
spoke on thursday. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before, before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> mike: i do not hide my extraordinary respect for benjamin netanyahu. i've known him for a number of years, before he was prime minister and when he was in the kinnesset, i find him to be one of the thoughtful and courageous heads of state anywhere on our planet and anytime in my lifetime. he has one of the toughest jobs in the world. israel like the united states is not a place where everybody thinks alike and they don't speak with one voice. it's a very divided country politically. it's like america in that it's a democracy, so, people are free to speak their minds and believe me, in israel they do.
5:36 pm
the biggest thing on his plate is not satisfying local factions within his country, it's keeping his country from being obliterated by a nuclear device rapidly prepared by iran, while the rest of the world including the united nations says we're not going to let them have it. what that apparently means they'll send them a very strong letter, and if they continue to build nuclear devices and then a strongly worded letter. this is no time for sending letters. and it's obvious that the various sanctions in place, while maybe having had some impact, are not stopping iran from their absolute determination to have a nuclear device. when the israeli prime minister says there must be a red line, i think he's absolutely right. president obama continues to say don't worry, we won't let iran have a nuclear device. my question is, then why don't you join with the israeli prime minister, stand shoulder so shoulder, not in the
5:37 pm
background. shoulder to shoulder and announce to the world that you join in establishing that red linen it's really right there now. that's what i think a lot of americans would love to see and freedom loving people around the world. [applause]. earlier-- earlier this week, prior to mitt romney's visit to nevada majority leader harry reid, the highest ranking mormon in congress attacked the republican presidential nominee on his religion. he says he's coming to the state where there's a lot of members of the lds church and they had he is not the face of mormonism. my first naught senator reid, do you think you're the face of mormonism? i'm sure many people hope not. without being disrespectful it's not been the intent of mitt romney to bring his own faith into this presidential election other than to affirm that it's very important to him. i think the evidence is not by
5:38 pm
what he says, but what he does. when he released tax information and gives nearly 30% of his income away the biggest part to his church, i have to say i salute that. i admire people who don't just claim believe in something, but back it with what they actually do and give. and his particular faith is not the same as mine, but i'm wanting people who practice what they preach. i'd love to see people in office and frankly, people who want credibility with me to demonstrate that what they want for on sunday is also what they stand for the rest of the week. and one way we find that out is how they invest even resources. now, if we're going to bring religion and the faith of candidates, particularly mitt romney, into the presidential debate. fair enough, fair enough, mr. reid. let's bring everybody's faith, everyone's church into it and maybe then america will be reminded of this pastor under
5:39 pm
whom barack obama sat for 20 years. >> god bless america, no, no, no, not god bless america, god (bleep) america. yeah, so if you want to bring religion up, fine, we're all ready and more than happy to talk about the influences of faith on each of the candidates. coming up, a film maker who says he's not surprised the united nations gave mahmoud ahmadinejad a platform to spew his message of hate this past week. omney horowitz says the u.n. is event and chaotic and he explains why. that's next. [applause]. ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do
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i know.
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>> a new documentary called you and me, takes an in depth look at the inner workings of the united nations and exposes the organization as a haven for corruption and chaos. it refuses to design or even fight terrorism. >> the, you know, members have not been able to agree upon definition of terrorism. >> definition of terrorism is a very difficult thing. >> and one of the-- my own view quite frankly is that terrorism is rather like pornography, you might not be able to define it, but you know it when you see it. >> this is the webster dictionary and we have a definition right here. >> you could take it to them and show it to the general assembly. >> i'm sure they know the definition and certainly the
5:44 pm
definitions in other dictionary, but the problem is that the definition that can be agreed to by everyone. >> and webster, they agree to this. >> well, i don't know if that's, that's webster's view. >> joining me now is the creator of you and me. omi horowitz. i enjoyed the film, but disturbing, you've got the united nations that can't even define terrorism. our president goes to the u.n. this week and he doesn't mention it, yet, we've got a dead ambassador to show for what i guess is an undefinable cause. >> i didn't realize the word terrorism was so difficult to figure out what it is. i tried spoofing it to the guy with the dictionary apparently webster has a view on terrorism. >> mike: what was it that motivated you to take on the united nations? >> you know, it's interesting, and it's a moment. and i was sitting at home, and i was watching a michael moore movie, "columbine" i've seen movies and never actually made
5:45 pm
one and i can't tell you why, i started thinking about the u.n. and the bias against israel, its failure to stop sudan, and i needed to do something and i looked over the screen and saw this michael moore entertaining and engaging medium. this is the medium i want to use to express my point of view and i literally quit my job ap started raising money and put the movie together. it was remarkable to see almost as sort of clueless attitude on the part of people at the u.n. that they never could really define what it is they do. cause they don't do anything. they never condemn acts of genocide. they don't condemn even their own corruption. they don't even investigate it. what's going on? >> those take back bones and they don't have any backbone. when it comes down to it, they're trying to protect their own back sides, right? while you want to define
5:46 pm
terrorism, if half your membership, now, they're a terror state, a seg percentage of it. they don't want to start calling out their own members and they are-- they're artful at never passing judgment and that's their thing. they don't ever want to pass judgment. they doesn't want to have standards and because of that, at this point, the completely hopeless. >> ahmadinejad, president of iran a complete nut-job. they give this guy a forum at the united nations, he goes in, he talks openly to reporters and forums about wiping israel off the map and new world order to get rid of the zionests. i mean, that's incredible, inflammatory speech under any circumstance. why does the u.n. give people like that a forum to express really provocative language and threaten another country. >> because to them, look, there's a couple of ways you can look at it. a darker view would be these
5:47 pm
are views that a lot of these people agree with and another view to talk, this is a usual, again, goes back to the idea of if you're not going to set a standard and pass judgment, of course, you can speak, and it's interesting. the u.n. has an already unimaginably high bar for anti-semitism and i think they exceeded it with ahmadinejad speaking of the holeiest, you know, jewish day of the year. although i have agot to say i was a little underwelcomed by his speech. you're always looking for that singular moment of the spot of lunacy. i think he kind of missed the mark e what was the most shocking thing you discovered in making the film you and me. >> and let me count the ways, you're blown and shocked, i didn't know how deep the rabbit hole went. on one note, a serious note shook me to my court.
5:48 pm
during the genocide, rwanda genocide, where is butroes, butroes gali. and why was he not taking action? he had funded the rwanda, got them the weapons, and the finance, and that blew me away. >> mike: i've got to tell you in watching the film shall the moment, a-ha moment and i thought for a long time this is a worth less organization, at the end i think it's a corrupt and criminal end prize, it's a wonderful documentary. p people should see it. if they have any doubts whether the u.n. is an effective organization. i think the film will erase those doubts. thank you. >> my pleasure e this year's
5:49 pm
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[ applause ] (applause) >> my next guest has a good choice of words and how you use them can have a big impact not just on your life and happiness, but others as well. considered one of the most influential evangelicals in america, a book called change your words, change your life, please welcome joyce meyer. >> thank you. >> you've had extraordinary influence with people all over and i want your take on the mud slinging in the political campaign. is it counterproductive? >> i think it's terrible, i think it's ridiculous. i think that it just causes more disrespect than they can
5:53 pm
even imagine. i hear what the people say on the side of life and people say it's liquidation, it's like, it's just ridiculous beyond ridiculous. >> mike: you talk about in your book. >> thank you. >> mike: a new york times best seller and two weeks already on the market, that's remarkable, but you talk about how that words really do have an impact not only on how we communicate, but how people perceive human beings. >> right. >> mike: explane how important it is to choose our words right. >> the bible says it's the power of life and death is in the tongue, in the words we speak and if we actually even remotely believe na, how powerful is that, everything that i speak, even ministers, life and death to you and to me also, the words that we speak come out here and go here and go back down in here so i could actually cheer myself up with my own words or i can depress myself with my words and i don't like to think of words as a container,
5:54 pm
just like if i had a glass here, put everything i wanted. fill it full of mud or something nice and tasty. my words are the same way. i can put in them what i want to and if i fill them with god things, the kind of things that god would say, things are going to build and edify and cheer people up and so i can also fill them down with downgrading things, complaining and fear and so much of what we hear on the media today -- and thank you for your program and all the fox programs. >> how wonderful (applause) >> people don't know what to believe. they don't want to read the paper or listen to the news because they're so deep down already, a lot of people are really hopeless and i'm glad i personally have a job of spreading hope everywhere i go. i want to hear people stop complaining, murmuring, grumbling, finding fault with
5:55 pm
everything. i was thinking, what do you think our society would be like if everywhere you turned there was hopeful, positive things being said. >> mike: it'd put washington out of business. >> yeah. >> how do you deal in with workplace you don't get to control what other people are saying, and particularly for someone who is a believer, who goes into that workplace and all around him there's negative words, there's vulgarity. how does one deal with that. you can't choose someone else's words, but just your own. >> what a great opportunity to stand up and not in an aggressive obnoxious way, but for example, you're sitting around the hutch table, complaining about the boss, complaining about this and that and well, then somebody speaks up, you know, i know some things can change and we like to see things change i'm grateful i have a job because a lot of people don't have
5:56 pm
one. so what i try to do is just come back with something positive without being positive toward, you know, obnoxious state for someone who really doesn't want to hear it, but bringing in the whole, in the positive and i think it's a great time for christians to really just stand up and be who they say they are. live the life they say they're living and act like they really believe what they say that they believe. >> well, your book is-- and i can see why it's getting traction, and beat way everyone in the studio audience is going to get a copy of joyce meyer book. [applause] >> and joyce, grace having you here, get a copy of joyce's words, change your words, change your life. you can change your life at least, with a change in your words, why don't you try it this week, and say some good things and try to be a good person and edifying, build people up, rather than tear them down.
5:57 pm
until next time i want to say thank you for joining us, we'll see you next week from new york, this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. bless. [applause]. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently. ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream makes philadelphia and the moment a little richer. that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it.
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